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Winning The War On Friendly Fraud Webinar

Winning the War on Friendly Fraud

In this session, Ethoca's CMO Keith Briscoe will present the results of a new research study that investigates how friendly fraud has grown, what the real costs are, and how it varies across industries.

Attendees will also hear first-hand from two merchants – South African Airways and Gala Coral Interactive – and will learn how these very different companies experience friendly fraud and what they do to control the damage.


  • Understand friendly fraud and why it continues to grow
  • Observe how friendly fraud rates vary across industries
  • Learn from merchants how to control friendly fraud damage


  • Tonya Robertson, Direct Sales Manager, South African Airways
  • Brendan MacDonald, Head of Customer Commercial Operations, Gala Coral Group
  • Keith Briscoe, CMO, Ethoca


  •  Steve Casco, Founder, CardNotPresent. com