Case Study: US Card Issuer

Make driving down losses and costs related to fraud easy with Ethoca.

Ecommerce fraud was negatively impacting the business of a top seven U.S. card issuer. Despite the use of sophisticated fraud tools, chargeback processing costs, operational expenses, losses from low dollar write-offs and transaction decline rates were all increasing. By leveraging Ethoca’s global merchant-issuer collaboration network, the bank was able to mitigate 78,148 chargebacks and recover $9,091,266 worth of fraud over a 13 month period.

Ethoca delivers value to issuers by enabling them to share confirmed fraud intelligence with card not present merchants in near real-time, rather than weeks later through the chargeback process. This gives merchants a unique window of opportunity to prevent the fulfillment and settlement of an order – stopping criminals from profiting from their fraudulent activity. In cases where the merchant is not able to stop the fulfillment of an order, issuers still realize value through avoidance of the costly chargeback processes due to the merchant refunding the cardholder.

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Why Ethoca?

  • CNP fraud & customer disputes recovered in hours
  • Reduced losses on low value transactions normally written off
  • Recovery of 3-D secure losses
  • Much lower chargeback volumes & processing costs
  • Near instant dispute resolution with cardholders
  • Improved customer experience & satisfaction -- reduced complaints