Prevent chargebacks before they happen.

Preventing fraudulant chargebacks for merchants is Ethoca's answer to mounting fees and damaging disputes, especially for ecommerce and other Card Not Present (CNP) transactions. Ethoca Alerts notify you of issuer-confirmed fraud and customer disputes in near real time, giving you the time needed to issue refunds and avoid bank and credit card chargebacks. You'll spend less time fighting chargebacks, and more time processing sales.


With Ethoca Alerts, businesses and merchants can:

  • Prevent more bank and credit card chargebacks
  • Reduce charge back fees
  • Process more transactions with confidence
  • Protect the bottom line

With Ethoca's expertise on your side, you won't have to try to figure out how to prevent chargebacks or dispute chargebacks on your own. We'll help you avoid and manage chargebacks in the first place by giving you up-to-the-minute information on credit card fraud issues, so-called "friendly fraud,"  and customer disputes before they impact your ratios.

Ethoca's global network of card issuers and merchants helps over 5,400 global merchants learn how to prevent chargebacks, reduce and mitigate chargebacks as soon as they're filed, and protect your company's chargeback ratios. Worldwide, Ethoca helps 7 of the 10 top ecommerce brands fight fraud and stop chargebacks every day. 

To learn more about the Ethoca solution, download our case study.