Do More With Your Brand!


Your logo is a symbol of everything your business stands for, and a clear visual cue your customers recognize and trust – but that’s not all.

Thanks to collaborations with leading financial institutions, we’ve transformed your logo into a powerful tool that gives consumers clarity around what they bought and who they bought it from. The goal? Eliminate transaction confusion, reduce chargebacks, extend brand presence, and elevate the customer experience.


Delivering Clarity When and Where It's Needed

We’re inviting merchants around the world to upload their logos and provide consent for them to be used in the digital banking applications of a growing number of the world’s leading card issuers (banks, credit unions, etc.). These logos will be linked with corresponding transactions, adding clear visual cues to help cardholders quickly identify legitimate purchases and avoid unnecessary disputes.

Here's How It Works

Step 1-01-1

Step One

Complete the online form and provide us with your logo in the requested format.

Step 2-01-1

Step Two

Your logo will be made available in a growing number of digital banking applications.

Step 3-01-1

Step Three

Customers will easily recognize their purchases when they see your logo alongside corresponding transactions. 

Participation Has Its Benefits!

Improve CEX-01-3

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce Chargebacks-0100


Fight Friendly Fraud-01-01-01

Friendly Fraud

Reduce Chargebacks-01-3

Extend Your Brand Presence


With often little to go on but unclear descriptors, cardholders are left questioning the legitimacy of their
purchases and are often forced to contact their bank to dispute unrecognized transactions. That is, until now!

Before Image 2


After Image


Frequently Asked Questions 

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about this initiative and compiled them here for you.

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