Introducing the Ethoca Integrated Solution Suite

Ethoca's Integrated Solution Suite Aims to Eradicate 90% of Chargebacks

Ethoca's Integrated Solution Suite provides a revolutionary way to stop not only genuine, but friendly fraud as well as chargebacks. By enabling collaboration between merchants and issuers, participants can quickly share confirmed fraud and dispute intelligence in order to eliminate chargebacks, reduce customer disputes, increase acceptance and fight all forms of fraud. 

Consisting of Eliminator, Ethoca Alerts and Enhanced Representments, the Integrated Solution Suite provides three-layers of defence:

  • Eliminator deflects friendly fraud and chargebacks while preserving revenue and the customer experience. 

  • Ethoca Alerts fights genuine fraud and customer disputes while preventing chargebacks. 

  • Enhanced Representments allows you to recover revenue that would normally be lost to fraud and disputes. 

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