Brochure: Introducing Enhanced Representments

Part of the Complete Ethoca Solution to Eliminate Fraud and Chargebacks

For card not present merchants, chargebacks are a constant threat that tie up resources and sap profits. When they strike, merchants look to the representment process to make their case and – hopefully – recover their losses. Unfortunately, the representment process is far from perfect: It’s complicated, time-sensitive and costly. Thankfully, there's a better way.

By integrating and collaborating directly with the key parties involved in the chargeback process, Ethoca’s Enhanced Representment service decides what chargebacks to fight based upon rules set by the merchant, collects all the necessary evidence and processes the representment in real time to maximize revenue recovery.

Take charge of your chargebacks and recover your money with Ethoca Enhanced Representments – download the brochure. 

Why do you need Ethoca Eliminator?

  • GET YOUR MONEY BACK: Recover more revenue lost to chargebacks -- faster than ever before
  • REAL-TIME CHARGEBACK ANALYTICS: Get unmatched insight into your current chargeback situation and create accurate forecasts for the future
  • LEVERAGE EXPERT KNOWLEDGE: Our staff specialize in chargeback policy and procedures so that you don't have to
  • CUSTOMIZEABLE: Adjust filters, rules and reports and create the perfect tool for your needs
  • SAVE TIME: Free up resources typically spent on representments to focus on revenue generating activities