Brochure: Ethoca Alerts for Issuers

Improve CNP fraud and dispute recovery through collaboration.

Ecommerce fraud has a direct impact on your issuing business. Chargeback processing and operational expenses increase. You’ll continue to absorb losses on low value and 3D Secure transactions. Most of all, more fraud means higher decline rates. That drives down acceptance and interchange income, while negatively impacting customers. Your losses – and lost opportunities – stop now. Ethoca closes the information and communication gap between issuers and merchants. By participating in Ethoca’s collaboration-based network, you enable merchants to act quickly on your confirmed fraud intelligence so you get proven, immediate value.

Why join the Ethoca network?

  • CNP fraud & customer disputes recovered in hours
  • Reduced losses on low value transactions normally written off
  • Recovery of 3-D secure losses
  • Much lower chargeback volumes & processing costs
  • Near instant dispute resolution with cardholders
  • Improved customer experience & satisfaction -- reduced complaints