Brochure: Corporate Overview

 Get to know the world’s leading merchant-issuer collaboration network.

Ethoca recognized a significant gap in the ecommerce fraud prevention market and created a new class of solutions based on a simple, yet highly effective way for card issuers and merchants to collaborate. Card issuers and merchants each make decisions about which ecommerce transactions to accept or decline due to suspicion of fraud. The problem is that they do so in isolation and often make incorrect decisions because they have only one side of the story. This communication gap results in both parties finding out about fraud too late, and forces them to rely on the outdated and costly chargeback process to resolve disputes with customers and recover associated losses.

Because Ethoca's flagship product -- Ethoca Alerts -- provides an early warning on fraud and disputes that have already been confirmed by cardholders, Ethoca’s merchant customers have the opportunity to stop fraud, halt the delivery of goods and services, and issue a refund to avoid the impending chargeback. Card issuers benefit by avoiding chargeback processing costs and recovering fraud losses – including 3D Secure and low-value transaction write-offs – faster and with a fraction of the cost and effort.

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Why fight fraud through collaboration?


  • Improve customer experience, reduce complaints
  • Reduce chargeback processing expenses
  • Reduce write-off losses on low value transactions
  • Reduce 3D Secure losses
  • Drive higher acceptance and interchange revenue




  • Stop fulfillment of fraudulent orders
  • Eliminate more chargebacks
  • Use link analysis to eliminate related fraudulent orders
  • Bolster fraud screeningn to identify future fraud and prevent spikes