Case Study: Consumer Electronics Retailer

Discover how they stopped fraud –without hurting sales.

Fraudsters love ‘shopping’ online for consumer electronics – and they know exactly what they want. It’s not bulky items like washing machines and refrigerators, they’re after the latest and greatest handheld items that consumers lust for (think tablets, smart phones, toys, gadgets and portable action cameras). The reasons for this are simple: They’re high in value and in high demand – a perfect combination for resale.

Is there a way to put a stop to these illegal shopping sprees? That’s what a leading multinational retailer of technology products wondered after one too many fraudulent orders snuck through. They wanted a way to quickly stop bad orders and improve their fraud tools, without hurting sales and without breaking the bank. That’s when they decided to leverage merchant-issuer collaboration and add Ethoca Alerts to their arsenal of defenses.

In this case study, we explain how this retailer was able to:

  • Lower fraud losses (recovery of goods and services).
  • Reduce fraud levels through link analysis.
  • Reduce future fraud through improved fraud screening (adding data to negative lists).
  • Increase acceptance and improve the customer experience by issuing more refunds.
  • Reduce chargeback processing expenses.