Brochure: Introducing Ethoca Eliminator

The Complete Solution to Eliminating Fraud and Chargebacks

Customer disputes from friendly fraud are a significant, and growing, problem for merchants. Whether it’s a case of cardholder confusion caused by a charge they don’t recognize, or an attempt to abuse the system for personal gain, they typically contact the card issuer first instead of coming directly to you. The result?

Unnecessary chargeback costs, lost revenue and a poor customer experience. And perhaps the biggest problem: no consequence for abusive cardholder behaviour. This encourages them to continue to ‘game’ the system for future gain.
But, what if you could transform this costly process and not only eradicate chargeback costs caused by disputes and friendly fraud, but also recover the lost revenue?

Ethoca Eliminator digitally transforms the customer experience by connecting issuers to merchant order and account history details in real time. Take back control over disputes and eliminate friendly fraud through collaboration – download the brochure to find out how.

Why do you need Ethoca Eliminator?

  • Chargeback and representment costs eliminated.
  • Lost revenue eliminated -- Revenue is recovered when cardholder assumes rightful liability.
  • Unnecessary declines eliminated -- Acceptance is increased since issuer fraud models avoid being skewed by miscoded fraudulent transactions.
  • Poor customer experience eliminated -- Customers have a better experience since the card no longer needs to be cancelled and recurring 'account on file' relationships stay intact.