Discover how they stopped fraud and eliminated chargebacks.

Home goods, home improvement and hardware are some of the fastest growing categories in ecommerce today – and for good reason. Shoppers love the convenience, the expansive selections and the competitive prices.

Unfortunately, due to the high value of the equipment and household appliances targeted, their loss is incredibly damaging.  Not only financially, but also in terms of the negative experience for customers that are forced to endure the long and frustrating claims process. Despite a solid defensive foundation, fraud was increasingly chipping away at this retailer’s bottom line. They needed a new tool in their fraud fighting shop that would help them reduce current and future losses, increase sales, improve the customer experience and cut costs.

In this case study, we explain how this retailer was able to:

  • Lower fraud losses (recovery of goods and services)
  • Reduce fraud levels through link analysis
  • Reduce future fraud through improved fraud screening
  • Increase acceptance
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Reduce chargeback processing expenses