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Transaction clarity 2021: Powering the future of anywhere commerce

Ethoca’s Andre Edelbrock and a star cast of industry experts discuss the new reality of managing fraud and disputes, and the increasing need to arm customers with detailed transaction information – whenever and wherever they need it.

Topic: customer experience, friendly fraud, disputes

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Cybersecurity and fraud: Year in review and the road ahead

Amid a global pandemic and increasingly sophisticated levels of cyber fraud, this year has shown how we can adapt and address challenges quickly and effectively. This webinar covers what we’ve seen and learned in 2020 and what to look for in the ever changing cybersecurity and fraud landscape.

Topic: fraud, chargebacks

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Seeing is believing: How visual cues improve the payments experience

Ethoca’s Keith Briscoe explores how visual information (like clean descriptions and clear merchant logos) in digital banking applications can reduce this growing problem and greatly improve the payments experience and ecosystem.

Topic: customer experience, disputes

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Chargebacks 2020: What you need to know

Ethoca’s Mike Pullen provides a comprehensive overview of the recent changes to the chargeback landscape, identifies new events on the horizon that merchants need to know about and outlines the strategies they need to implement to protect themselves.

Topic: chargebacks

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Now you see it, now you don’t: Making friendly fraud disappear

Ethoca’s Steve Durney presents the latest industry statistics and predictions for friendly fraud, demonstrates case study results from businesses who are successfully turning the tide, and reveals best practices for those looking to do the same.


Topic: Friendly fraud

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Power talk: The value of digital receipts

False claims are a growing problem. One of the most common causes: Transaction confusion. But, what if there was a way to provide much-needed clarity while increasing cardholder satisfaction? Enter digital receipts. Learn how digital receipts work to improve customer experience and decrease costs.

Topic: Digital receipts

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I can see clearly now: The pain is gone

There is an increasing demand from consumers for more transaction information. Merchants need to deliver on this to improve customer experience while reducing cases of friendly fraud. Ethoca along with industry experts outline what merchants need to know and how to give consumers what they want.

Topic: Customer experience, Friendly Fraud

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Is your fridge running? Then you’d better catch it! Fraud and the IoT

This forward-looking presentation from Ethoca’s Steve Durney will reveal the results of his investigation into this growing trend around unauthorized IoT device purchases, outline the potential pitfalls and list the steps that merchants should take to ensure they’re protected.

Topic: IoT, Friendly Fraud

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In the eye of the storm: Coronavirus’ impact on chargebacks

A wave of chargebacks is headed towards merchants – spurred by the disruptive impacts of the coronavirus. No business is immune, and preparing for the ‘new normal’ is critical. Join Ethoca’s Brett Small as he reveals key learnings from the APAC region that witnessed the first coronavirus-fueled chargeback spike.

Topic: Chargebacks

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The new digital consumer experience: Transparency is power

Ethoca, in partnership with Aite Group, conducted a survey of cardholders and issuers to explore the digital solutions that could best bring an end to transaction confusion and stop unnecessary disputes, chargebacks and friendly fraud. This webinar will cover the results of this new research.

Topic: Customer experience, Disputes, Chargebacks

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Connected intelligence: Mastercard and Ethoca’s strategy to fix chargebacks

Chargebacks and overall disputes are plagued with inefficiencies and antiquated processes not built for the digital age. Mastercard has set out to develop a robust dispute resolution product suite rooted in a strategy of “collaboration enablement” through their acquisition of industry-leader Ethoca.

Topic: Disputes, chargebacks

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Goodbye fraud, hello customer experience

The payments ecosystem is at a crossroads. To date, the focus has been stopping fraud, but this journey is coming to an end. The new destination? Improved customer experience! That means more data available when and where users want it, smarter security and most of all less purchase friction.

Topic: Customer experience, Fraud

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Industry task force proves friendly fraud can be stopped

In March of 2016, Ethoca brought together some of the world’s top ecommerce retailers and banks to create the Friendly Fraud Task Force. Its purpose: Define, measure and – for the first time – solve the ever growing friendly fraud problem. After years of work, we’re excited to share the group’s initial findings.

Topic: Friendly Fraud, Disputes

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La nueva normalidad: Cómo manejar cambios

Este ultimo ano hizo con que muchos comercios – sobre todo aerolíneas y agencias de viajes – tuvieran que adaptarse rápidamente. Ahora que 2021 está llegando, mejorar la experiencia del cliente y utilizar una estrategia digital será mas importante que nunca.

Topic: Chargebacks

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