Trust, transparency and industry collaboration are critical to delivering elevated digital experiences. Digital receipts are at the center of this, and the stepping-stone to unlocking greater consumer engagement and growth possibilities.

Ethoca and Aite-Novarica teamed up to conduct new research study with consumers and merchants from the US, UK and Germany that delved into value drivers for businesses to deploy digital receipts, potential obstacles, as well as the expectations and ways in which consumers would like to leverage digital receipts.

What did they discover?

  • 46% of consumers prefer digital receipts over paper
  • 48% of US consumers prefer getting digital receipts through their banking app (compared to 22% via a merchant app)
  • 60% of consumers cited not giving PII data to a store as "a major or considerable factor" for their digital banking preference
  • 60% of merchants view the digital receipt as a great way to enable loyalty program registration

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