Issuers and merchants alike have worked tirelessly to create seamless transaction experiences – but when it comes to the post-transaction lifecycle, there’s still room for improvement.

What exactly are cardholders after? Until now, this question has gone unanswered. Luckily, Ethoca commissioned Aite Group to conduct in-depth research of banks, merchants, and over 1,000 consumers to finally shed light on the topic. This insight – combined with the proper tools and expert execution – is exactly what payments stakeholders need to propel their business into the new decade.

Download the report to learn:

  • When and where cardholders are looking for more information on their purchases
  • How effective clear transaction details are at reducing disputes
  • What’s causing cardholder frustration with the current dispute resolution process
  • The value consumers place on tools that improve these processes
  • How moving dispute resolution upstream significantly reduces costs and improves customer experience
  • The strategies and solutions available to businesses today